Research Bulletins Help Bridge Research to Practice Gap

Posted By Mary Ocwieja on 4/17/2013 3:07:01 PM   |  Last Edited By Mary Ocwieja on 4/17/2013 3:18:27 PM
Environmental Education Research Bulletins

To help bridge the gap between research and practice, NatureBridge partners with Dr. Nicole Ardoin at Stanford University and her team of researchers to create semiannual Environmental Education Research Bulletins. The goal is to synthesize and summarize recently reported research that may help environmental educators, organizations and agencies critically reflect upon and improve their practice.

The Research Bulletin is designed to inform NatureBridge educators about recent relevant research, so the emphasis is on field science, stewardship behavior, and residential settings, among other topics. Other environmental educators might also find this bulletin useful, though, again, it does not cover all aspects of environmental education.

EE Research Bulletin - Summer 2011

EE Research Bulletin - Summer 2012

EE Research Bulletin - Winter 2012

EE Research Bulletin - Winter 2013


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