Four principles of effective civic engagement to build a commitment to conservation stewardship

Posted By Alex Kudryavtsev on 3/5/2011 9:32:59 AM
Researchers at the National Park Service Conservation Study Institute created an overview of the principles of civic engagement in parks and other special places. Educators in schools and parks, and community members can use these research-based recommendations to build a collective capacity for and commitment to conservation stewardship. The authors, for example, discuss these principles:
  • Build genuine relationships
  • Create effective engagement processes
  • Deliver relevant interpretive and educational programs and materials
  • Sustain civic engagement over time
For each principle, the authors provide a number of organizing tips. Access the manual for educators online.

SOURCE: Tuxill, J. L., Mitchell, N., & Clark, D. (2009). Stronger together: a manual on the principles and practices of civic engagement. Woodstock, Vermont: National Park Service Conservation Study Institute and National Park Service Northeast Region Office of Interpretation and Education.


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