Green Living Project's School Assembly Program

Posted By NAAEE Staff on 1/30/2014 4:34:38 PM
GLP is excited to launch our new School Assembly Program! After three years of working with schools and communities around the country through our popular Mobile Tour, the new School Assembly Program adds a local component to our school presentation services. Located in major cities around the U.S., GLP Ambassadors serve as a local sustainability resource, educator, and presenter as they bring GLP’s award-winning films and global sustainability stories into schools through a standards-aligned, multimedia presentation.

The presentation, “Appetite for Adventure: Exploring Global Food Sustainability” is available for K-12 schools, colleges, and community events. Students experience international cultures, witness the efforts towards more sustainable food systems, and learn how they can take action towards sustainability in their own community.

We strive to make this is more than your average school assembly. Our goal for the School Assembly Program is to create lasting relationships with schools and their communities, ultimately connecting students to sustainability efforts they can get involved with beyond the presentation. GLP Ambassadors serve as valuable resource to help you continue sustainability education in the classroom by connecting to on-going sustainability resources, events, and opportunities in your community. Join us in the adventure of inspiring change through education.

Email to book your school assembly today!

See GLP’s website and most recent newsletter for more information.


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