Summer Travel Opportunity for Teachers/EE Educators

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Summary: We are seeking energetic EDUCATORS with experience teaching ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS or DIALOGUE for a great travel opportunity.

High school teachers and youth workers from the USA are invited to apply for the Adult Participant Position in the 2013  Indonesia – US Youth Leadership Exchange(IULX).   This program offers 6 American students and 1 adult the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in community participation and environmental awareness, travel internationally, and meet peers with similar interests from Indonesia in a fun, exciting two-way exchange. The I-US-YLP initiative highlights young people as our future leaders and important contributors to our communities.

TEACHER’S WILL GAIN:  unique first hand knowledge of Indonesian culture, society and government.  You will learn more about Indonesia as the largest Muslim- Majority nation in the world and its celebration of democracy, pluralism and diversity.  You will learn about environmental issues facing different parts of the archipelago.  In brief you will be able to share your expanded world view with colleagues and students upon your return home.

Legacy International, a 34-year old non-governmental educational and training organization located in Virginia, USA, in partnership with the Center for Civic Education Indonesia (CCEI) offers an exceptional program.  These two organizations have worked on successful exchange programs for teens since 2004. Legacy has conducted youth leadership training programs since 1979.

I-US -YLP is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Guide a unique cross-cultural exchange

  • Help youths translate lessons learned into community action projects
  • Travel to Indonesia as a US Cultural Ambassador for a life-changing experience
  • Build friendships with youths from different ethnic, religious, and national groups
  • Promote mutual understanding between the United States and people of Indonesia
  • Develop environmental awareness and action campaigns in both countries
  • Expand civic participation and commitment to community development
  • Share knowledge and skills with peers through positive action and encouragement
  • Focus and promote awareness about mutual environmental issues
  • Return home with skills and enthusiasm to create positive, sustainable change

Program Overview

Phase 1 – June 15 – June 23 Pre-departure Orientation and Leadership Training in Virginia

ADULT PARTICIPANT  joins the 6 traveling U.S. teens and the Indonesian teens at the Global Youth Village. You  work with Legacy staff to build a strong group dynamic amongst US students and prepare U.S. students for travel.

Phase 2 – June 23 July 14 Indonesia Immersion

Travel with US participants to Indonesia for an environmental service tour with their Indonesian friends in Bangka, Belitung and bogor.  Live with Indonesian families and enjoy hotel stays. Activities will include touring cultural attractions, wildlife preserves, ecological sites; conducting peer-to-peer projects and workshops; and meeting local officials.

Eligibility requirements: Applicants must:

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Be active teachers or youth workers and have demonstrated strong leadership skills in their schools or organizations;
  • Submit an application and resume by March 15, 2013
  • Be US citizens;
  • Be interested in learning more about Indonesia and Southeast Asia;
  • Have an active interest and experience in civic action and community wide activities and/or environmental action;
  • Have good communication and social skills;
  • Be mature, stable and outgoing;
  • Be committed to the follow-on application of their learning – completing formal presentations in a variety of formats to their peers and to students

Preference will be given to those who have not previously traveled to Southeast Asia or participated in a Department of State exchange program within the last three years. A candidate will be considered ineligible if s/he has previously traveled outside the United States on any ECA-funded program within the past three years or if s/he has accepted a scholarship for an impending U.S. Government-funded exchange program. (Sample programs include Fulbright exchanges, NSLI-Y, or CBYX.)

Application deadline is March 15, 2013

For more information and to download and application please visit at or click on the link below.

I-US-YLP Adult Participant Opportunity


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