Bioregional Outdoor Education Project Regional Coordinator-AZ

Posted By Janet Ross on 7/29/2013 1:14:29 PM   |  Last Edited By NAAEE Staff on 7/30/2013 9:34:09 AM

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education (FCS) seeks a Bioregional Outdoor Education Project (BOEP) Regional Coordinator to be based in Arizona.  BOEP is an award-winning teacher professional development program working with teachers/schools in the four-state Colorado Plateau to create sustainable outdoor, place-based, education programs in K-8 public and BIA schools. Candidates should have at least a Bachelors degree in education (Master’s preferred), teaching certification, and at least 3 years of environmental education experience and administrative/financial experience. This is a 32 hr./wk., 11-month salaried position with benefits.  For more information call 1-800-525-4456 and request a hiring packet or download a packet from


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