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Posted By NAAEE Staff on 7/30/2013 10:27:01 AM
Avian Field Assistants: migrant use of hardwood habitats, Old Dominion University, Virginia / Maryland

Employment Information

Are you interested in our migrant work in Virginia, Maryland or our long-term woodpecker work in California?

2013 Virginia / Maryland Field Work - Radar Analysis of Fall Migrant Habitat Use

Field assistants are needed for a new collaborative project using radar to examine migrant use of hardwood forest habitat during fall migration in Virginia and Maryland. Assistants will sample hardwood forests along the Atlantic Flyway to compare with radar assessments of bird use of these habitats.

The research involves sampling migrants by sight and sound in addition to assessments of habitat and food resources.

Must be highly motivated with the ability to identify Eastern migrants by sight and sound. An ability to identify common vegetation and insects of Virginia / Maryland is preferred. Assistants will be housed in one of three locations: Wakefield, VA; Wallops Island, VA; or Berlin, MD and will involve extensive travel to field sites each day (a vehicle is required, mileage will be reimbursed). Field work is rigorous and will involve hot, humid weather, including frequent encounters with biting arthropods.

Positions include a monthly stipend of $1,850 and up to $500 / month housing allowance. The positions will run from 7 August through 14 November, 2013.

I am also recruiting a graduate student to work on this project. See the radar page for more information.

Current Positions (Virginia / Maryland):

Fall 2013: 7 Aug to 14 Nov (1 position); Wakefield, VA - OPEN

Fall 2013: 7 Aug to 14 Nov (2 positions); Wallops Island, VA - OPEN

Fall 2013: 7 Aug to 14 Nov (2 positions); Berlin, MD - OPEN


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