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  • EE Capacity

    EE Capacity

    The Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project (EECapacity) is designed to enhance environmental quality by diversifying and strengthening the environmental education field and promoting innovation through networking and learning.
  • EE Certification

    EE Certification

  • EECapacity State Consortia: Information for Applicants

    EECapacity State Consortia: Information for Applicants

  • EEjobs


    EE-Jobs features 40+ new job listings every week, available for searching here and also emailed to subscribers. Looking to hire? Submit a job! Thousands of environmental educators regularly peruse EE-Jobs and pass it on to thousands of qualified professionals.
  • EElinked


    EElinked is powered by the many ways that environmental educators, agencies, and organizations can connect with one another, sharing ideas, materials, and resources. Moving beyond supplying information and Internet links, EElinked provides a vibrant forum where you may post your own content and share documents and media. Post program announcements, materials to share, questions, ideas, and inquiries. (Please post job in the EEjobs network.) Contributed feedback and supplements to posts and requests from colleagues.
  • EEResearch


    Communicating environmental education research to educators, with the goal of improving education programs based on sound research findings. Compiled by the NAAEE Research SIG (Special Interest Group) and Cornell University. EEresearch highlights recently published refereed journal articles that contain results useful for educators. Short overviews and published abstracts are posted weekly. Its overall goal is to help educators adapt and improve their practices to reflect current research.
  • Environmental Literacy Plans

    Environmental Literacy Plans

    Everything about Environmental Literacy Plans -- engage with educators who are developing state Environmental Literacy Plans. Share models of plans, learn about other states' experiences, ask about how to move forward with plans as described in the No Child Left Inside Act.
  • Guidelines for Excellence

    Guidelines for Excellence

    Learn about the National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education and the Guidelines for Excellence publications that set the standards for high-quality environmental education. Each publication focuses on a different topic: instructional materials, environmental literacy expectations, preparation and professional development of environmental educators, nonformal environmental education programs, and early childhood environmental education programs.
  • NAAEE Affiliate Network

    NAAEE Affiliate Network

    A forum for NAAEE Affiliates to engage in dialogue, share news, best practices and resources. A placefor affiliates to support one another and gaining new perspectives through shared learning.
  • NAAEE Conference Bulletin Board

    NAAEE Conference Bulletin Board

    Find a roommate, share a ride, meet people with common interests at the conference. Post here!
  • NAAEE Inclusivity Network

    NAAEE Inclusivity Network

    The NAAEE Inclusivity Network serves as a forum for ongoing discussions about the challenges, successes and lessons learned in our adaptive efforts to reach and work with diverse people and organizations. We encourage all participants to provide sincere and supportive comments that will help us become more effective, relevant and collaborative in our work with others.
  • NCATE Information

    NCATE Information

  • Pre-Service EE

    Pre-Service EE

  • Think Your Group Needs a Network?

    Think Your Group Needs a Network?

    Interested in creating a network in EElinked? Whether it's an ongoing topic, group, or purpose, you can invite people to post, comment, link, discuss, and contribute in your own network! A network is a well-defined group of people who are interested in or work together on a specific topic or issue. Learn more by contacting

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More than a searchable catalog of internet links about environmental education, EElinked is a global community of environmental educators. Here you can easily find and download EE materials, post your own content, ask questions, share lesson plans and resources, and find and collaborate with EE partners. Tell your story to environmental educators, share your successes, comment on EE resources, and build on each other’s program ideas.

EElinked comprises many different networks, each with a specific focus and intent. You may search, browse, and download materials from any number of networks in EElinked -- all without having to log in or join. But when you join a network, you are able to take a more active role in the community: post announcements, communicate with colleagues, share materials, offer recommendations, and make inquiries.


To use EElinked:

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